Dogs can help to cope with difficulties on a physical, emotional and mental level with their incredible non-verbal communication and unconditional love, the way it should be.

They're absolutely my best friends, my brothers, my sisters, my family and I wouldn't know what to do without them. We become inseparable. The best thing that I learn from my dogs is to live in the moment, unconditional love and especial forgiveness. Is a totally a “who rescued who”.

Researchers have coined a term for this phenomenon, Zooeyia.

Zooeyia = The Human-Animal Bond (HAB).

This new word was coined from the Greek root words for animal=zoo and the health from the Greek Goddess of the health, Hygeia.

The inventors of the word consider it the opposite of zoonosis, which refers to diseases transmitted from an animal to human and vice versa.

Zooeyia, are those positive health benefits, whether physical, social, emotional, behavioral, mental or psychological, for people who have a pet or interact with one.

The benefits of the human-animal bond can be significant:

Improve Mood and Nutrition:

Residents often suffered from feeling bored, lonely and helpless. Animals can take a little bit of

loneliness away from them and companionship that they might not otherwise have. Which is a beautiful reaction during the activity, as you can see them in a good mood.

Notable benefits:

Since people with dementia are at risk of developing depression, which can further compromise their functioning and quality of life.

The results indicated that involving the people in activities with dogs decreased their feeling of anxiety and sadness and increased physical activity and positive emotions.

Calming Effect - Healing effect:

Studies have shown that Zooeyia, (the animal-human bond) yields significantly lower blood

pressure levels, including hormonal changes. Animal also comes with some pretty powerful

mental and physical health benefits.

Dogs, in particular, can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness.

They also increase social interaction with others with or without dementia and even improve

cardiovascular health.

Decreased Behavioral Problems:

I observed, that often the addition of dogs to an Alzheimer's patient's care can greatly benefit

their behavioral problems, the residents challenging behaviors significantly decreased during

the day; agitation and aggression were significantly less.

Studies have also found that playing with a dog can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine,

which help people get more calm and relaxed.

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